About TAT11



About the Symposium

The 11th International Symposium on Targeted-Alpha-Therapy will provide information on the newest developments preclinical studies, clinical experiences, dosimetry and instrumentation, quality assurance, regulatory, targeting, radiochemistry, and nuclide production and supply. Participate in the latest discussions, scientific exchange and in focused networking with industry leaders from around the world. 

The 11th Symposium on Targeted-Alpha-Therapy in a series, organized by Canadian Nuclear Laboratories and TRIUMF, will take place in 2019 from April 1 to 4 in Canada's National Capital, Ottawa. 

Why Attend?

Here are a few reasons you can't afford to miss TAT 11:

  • Network and connect with over 300 industry specialists and leaders from all over the world

  • Learn about trends and developments from senior industry managers

  • Get informed on the products and services of the world’s leading companies

  • Learn about technological developments and project accomplishments from technical presentations and special panels

  • Experience a true Canadian cultural event

  • Visit Canada's gorgeous capital


Topic Areas of Focus at TAT11

  • Pre-clinical studies and experiences

  • Nuclide production/supply

  • Radiochemistry

  • Targeting and delivery systems (e.g. New chelation, nanocarriers, various internalization approaches, etc.)

  • Dosimetry & instrumentation

  • Quality and regulatory aspects (e.g. Handling of alpha emitters in clinics, dealing with waste, FDA approvals etc.)

  • Clinical experiences and applications of alpha emitting isotopes


TAT11 Will Have

  • Keynote speakers from industry and academic leaders

  • Special speakers

  • Paper presentations

  • Poster sessions

  • Exhibits from leading industry members